Sunday, November 12, 2006


Thankfully I was wrong and the anti-Bush wave that swept across America on Nov 7th was bigger than the Rove machine had predicted and any election fraud was overcome by the sheer numbers. Don't count on that happening in 2008 however. My new fear is complancecy.
Now that the Democrats have both houses of Congress, here's the agenda I think they should puruse in the following order (although I won't quibble over the priority order):

* Repeal the Millitary Commissions Act
* Establish a timeline for withdrawing from Iraq
* Open investigations into the corruption of the K-Street project
* Establish a paper trail election system (open to ideas on best system, but eliminate the requirement of user Republican donor Corporate machines e.g. Diebold)
* Open investigations into the Administration's holding of prisoners in Cuba
* Increase the minimum wage
* Follow up on the investigations begun by Conyers on the Ohio voting problems of 2004
* Follow up on the Conyers impeachment process - even if it's "too late" to pursue impeachment, at least open hearings on the corruption of the Administration, especially with regards to the defense contractors and how the country was mislead into war. If this isn't done, history is bound to repeat itself.