Friday, February 24, 2006

I'll have the cake...

The administration doesn't need no stinkin' congressional approval to do wiretaps, but on the other hand, since Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald doesn't have congressional approval to do his investigation, he can't prosecute Libby, attorneys for Libby (and thus an extension of the administration) argued Thursday (23 Feb.). Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?


Hannity and his girlfriend Coulter have been repeating that Rove mantra of "Democrats are pre-9/11", but I suspect (and hope) this may come back to haunt the Republicants, IF the Democrats can capitalize on this:

I think there is a desire of Americans to get back to that pre-9/11 era: pre-Iraq war, pre-Congressional corruption, pre-huge deficits, pre-fear-mongering. That's when Americans were NOT afraid of what trouble the government might get them into next, when the economy looked promising, when the worst problem we focused on was illicit sex, not illicit torture, illicit domestic-spying and an illicit war that is draining our future, our military and our youth, while filling the bank-accounts of Cheney and his cohorts and sending the tax bill to our children and our grandchildren.


(Still paying attention even I tho I've been quiet)


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