Friday, January 06, 2006

Sword of God?

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show take a jab at the Christian Pat Robertson's bizarre attempts to invoke the wrath of his imaginary friend on his good buddy Ariel Sharon.

It appears that Sharon did not do a sufficient title search on some of the land he has been giving to the Palestinians. Apparently God has a deed restriction and has used the Smite clause to recompense.

Actually, with all the billions and billions of stars in the known universe, several trillions of them probably with habitable planets, you'd think the Almighty would not care if Sharon were giving away some of his land on our little blue ball.

It's hillarious and also scary that Robertson and his followers think that Sharon's current condition is due to a supernatural force. But hey, maybe the Palestinians were praying louder than the Jews and God listened to them instead?



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