Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rep. Hinchey, Evolution, Hillary


House Panel Keeps Alive Hinchey Measure To Obtain All White House Drafts Of 2003 State of the Union Address That Contained False Iraq Uranium Claims

Congressman Says American Public Deserves To Know How Infamous 16 Words About Iraq Seeking Uranium From Africa, Now Proven False, Made It Into Final Draft Of Speech

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Humans in England May Go Back 700,000 Years

Humans Lived in Northern Europe Far Earlier Than Thought, Scientists Say
I wonder what the IDiots will have to say about this. It must be from before the flood...


I got a bumper-sticker and a request for money from the Hillary for Senate campaign. I sent back the request in the biz-reply envelope and wrote "NOT UNTIL YOU OPPOSE THE IRAQ WAR" on it.
I hope more people do that.



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