Monday, December 05, 2005

The Real Lying SOB's

Dark Lord Dick insists that the Cheney administration did not mislead the country into war.

So consider these points:

1. Even after it was debunked by the CIA, the administration continued to claim that there were strong ties between Saddam and al Qaeda.

2. Even after the CIA confirmed that the meeting did not take place, the administration continued to claim that one of the 9/11 hi-jackers, Mohammed Atta, met with Iraq officials, supposedly in Prague, while Atta was in Virgina Beach.

3. The administration claimed that Saddam was importing nuclear material from Africa, more than a year after Ambassador Joseph Wilson, sent by the CIA, proved that it was untrue. Ironically, Cheney's office was the one who requested this investigation.

4. The administration claimed that Iraq had mobile bio-weapon factories, long after the source for this claim, "Curveball" had been discredited. The mobile "factories" were never found.

5. They continued to claim that al Qaeda had recieved weapons training from Iraq long after the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that it was most likely false.

6. Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld insisted that the administration knew exactly where the WMD's were. Three teams of UN weapons inspectors had reported that the likelihood of WMD's were remote. After the invasion, none were found.



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