Thursday, November 10, 2005

Internet Intelligently Designed by Supernatural Creator

I've come to the undeniable conclusion that the internet was intelligently designed by a supernatural creator. I have been studying it for some time and the amazingly complex structure has led me to conclude that it is too complex to have evolved naturally. There are too many parts that exist to function together and could not have existed on their own.
I mean how did all these blogs get here? The blog species must have been created by a supernatural being because they are just too complex for me to figure out.
And how about routers, switches, ethernet wide area networks and wireless and bluetooth? You think these all just evloved? I mean, come on, really!
I hope that the computer science schools will come to the same inevitable conclusion and not burden our budding computer scientists with phony "theories" of the history computer "science". I would think that at least the University of Kansas is not afraid to teach this alternate view of the origin of the internet.



Blogger Derailing said...

Would is then follow that the average individual belonging to the blog species is made in the image of it's creator? Surely this is clear evidence of intelligent design...

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