Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senate holds closed session

Yesterday Sen. Harry Reid the Democratic leader, motioned for a closed Senate session after lambasting the Senate for not being critical of President Bush. Republican senator Frist claimed to be of course personally insulted.
Sen. Frist, apparently upset about Reid following Senate procedures said: "It's an affront to the United States of America."
The Senate held closed sessions 6 times during the impeachment process of Pres. Clinton. Was that also "an affront to the United States of America?"
Sen. Reid: "And now the question is, Will this Senate meet its responsibility under the Constitution to hold this administration, as every administration should be held, accountable?"

More ID nonsense

At the Dover PS ID trial yesterday Dr. Behe has a new definition for what makes a scientific theory valid: It's whether it fits in with Christian faith or not. "Because the Big Bang is compatible with Christianity, and because it makes some theistic views seem more plausible, that does not mean that the Big Bang itself is not a scientific theory. And in the same sense, just because intelligent design is compatible with Christian views, or because it makes such views or other theistic views seem more plausible does not mean that intelligent design itself is not a scientific theory."
(This is an example of Fallacy of Afirming the Consequent)