Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Iraqi "Freedom Fighters"

Some have called the Iraqi insurgents "Freedom Fighters" while others say this is ridiculous, they are "Fighting for Control", rather than freedom like the American Revolutionaries did.

It's just rhetoric meaning the same thing. People fighting for the freedom to control of their own land.

Who one is fighting or how one is fighting does not change what one is fighting for.
What exactly are the "insurgents" fighting for and against?

From what I know they are fighting against what they see as an occupying force.

I am less clear what form of self-government they would like to see instead of the democracy now forming, and I suspect they would like to see a return to a Sunni controlled state.

Does that meaning they are NOT fighting for their own freedom? No it does not.

Regarding the Americans in the 1770-80's rebelling against the British rule,
this mainly benefitted the ruling American Aristocracy at the time, and certainly no one who was non-white or any indigenous peoples. They remained NON-free relative to the victors, and many of their decendants still have yet to fully savor this freedom 216 years later.

Meanwhile, the hoped-for democracy in Iraq may come to be a Shiite dominated and non-secular democracy, which may turn out to be a step backward for most Iraqis and leave them less free.


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