Thursday, September 21, 2006

Traitorous comments?

Ahhh. I'm back. Yes there was quite a span there where I lay quiet on this front, but musing all the while to myself and others around me occaisionally.

Meanwhile I have been observing the state of the world and noted that Chavez has called Bush the Devil. I have also, but I didn't have much of an audience so it didn't get as much play. Chavez has some balls and I'm glad he's using them. I hope he inspires the rest of the world leaders to not be pushed around any more by the Bush-bully. But then again, he can aford to while some others are dependent on US aid. Chavez seemed to speak mostly off the cuff and recommended reading Chomsky. The assembly appeared to generally be amused by and applauded the insults he flung at the Devil (Bolton excluded).

So the fact that I liked Chavez's comments will bring some criticism from conservatives that I dare support this guy because he is buddies with Castro and other "notorious" dictators. Well, unlike those conservatives, I don't practice blind ideological loyalty. It's ok to agree with what someone says during one speech and not be a full supporter.
I also liked some of the things that Iran's Ahmadi-Nej ad said in his UN speech, but that doesn't mean I think he's good for Iran. He's not the devil that Bush has made him out to be either though I bet. Here we have two religious fanatics in charge of the two major players in world peace at the moment. One doesn't believe in the Holocaust and the other one doesn't believe in evolution.
I am an atheist, but I am praying that more people both outside and inside this country will continue to speak out against the rodeo clown from Texas...God help us