Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's the OIL stupid!

It was high time they attempted to re-frame the issue!

Bush now says we can't "cut and run" from Iraq because Islamic radicals are seeking to "enslave whole nations and intimidate the world." It's much better to do try to do that with the American military instead. Luckily for both sides slavery is allowed by the bible and intimidation is something this administration has been practicing for years.

Sorry, but the ends do not justify the means. The war was started and then perpetuated on lies. Redefining your goal afterwards with the use of fear and generalizations shouldn't get you a permission slip for more plundering of the treasury by the military-industrial complex.

Really this war is being waged for multiple reasons, none of which is admitted to by the White House or most of their supporters:

  • * It's the OIL stupid. Iraq has about 25% of the world's oil reserves (112.5 billion bbl) and the US govt. would love to control this, for both financial gain to the oil companies and as a strategic resource.

  • * It's the Christians vs. the Muslims. Let's be real. This is a (thinly disguised) war on Islamic Fundamentalism by the Christian Fundamentalists. Many Christians in the US see this as more than just a war on terror(ism) . To them it is a battle against the evil non-Christians.

  • * A great way for those who are politically connected to plunder millions and millions of dollars from the US treasury (borrowed from our future wages of course) and anyone who questions this is unpatriotic. What a great scam! This is a bonanza both to DOD suppliers and contractors (notice they're mainly from Virginia and Texas?). I would wager that biggest benificiaries of this are also the biggest benificiaries of the Bush tax cuts.

  • * War makes a great theme for re-election; or at least it did in 2004. Some Republican representatives who are looking at polls of their constituents have begun to distance themselves from this debacle for re-election in 2006 however.

Part II:

Two reasons NOT to confirm Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court:

  • * She's a born again Christian. Anyone who puts faith above logic should not be sitting on a Federal Court bench at any level, let alone the top level.

  • * She thinks Bush is the most brilliant man she's ever known. Clearly this shows her judgment is severely impaired. Someone please send her a copy of "Bushisms" to go along with "Judging for Dummies".



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