Thursday, September 22, 2005


I recently got into an email battle with a conservative (friend of my wife's conservative cousin) who berated me for criticizing the Bushies. I used references to published accounts like AP's reporting of the FBI investigation of Halliburton for example. His reply was that Halliburton was a great company and you can't trust those lying AP reporters.

I have noticed a bit more desperation in the conservative side about lashing out at those who are critical of their guy. Those that are left behind to defend him are of course his staunchest supporters and are getting desperate as they see their conservative movement failing to keep growing as they see the numbers who approve of Bush drop weekly.

Some conservatives are disdainful of the faction of Democrats (and anyone else) who are very critical of the Bush administration. But shouldn't we be critical? Should we instead only be putting forth own own policy ideas without pointing out the ineptitude of the current mis-leadership?

The conservatives would like to believe that Bush is virtually infallible and that any criticism of their guy is just frustrated emotional venting, but I wonder if they have considered that much of the criticism is actually justified and that it is the opposition's responsibility and patriotic duty to point out where Bush and Co. have lead this country astray.


Blogger Marxiana said...

is really really rare how americans writte about politics in most all blogs, and watching the news from down here (Uruguay) is like everything seems fine, and you dont care about things like this.
Congratulations on your brand new blog, Ill be back!
Visit mine...

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