Monday, September 26, 2005

Frodo rules the day

Zane didn't come with us due to a tired ankle, and just as well since we covered many miles both by car, the DC Metro and especially by foot.

We parked in Greenbelt MD Metro station at around 1130 am and found that we were in good company. The station at the end of the "Green" line was packed with people going to the rally. We just missed getting on one train and when the next one arrived, it was quickly packed with protestors getting on with us.

We arrived in DC and joined the march which wound around downtown and went past the White House. We did see a group of Pro-Bush people, probably about 50 or so, in front of the FBI building, behind baricades and a line of police protection. Of course their signs indicated that they naively thought we were all promoting terrorism. I suspect many were paid RNC members there to get press. At this point I had lost John and Dave so I stood there for about 15 minutes waiting for them to catch up.

I wore my "BUCK FUSH" t-shirt and held up two signs:
"Frodo Failed: Bush has the ring" backed with "Asses of Evil: Bush, Cheney and Rove" as well as "Mission Accomplished: Now bring'em home" backed with "BUCK FUSH". Many people wanted a picture of the Frodo sign and it definitely got the most comments. Unfortunately the point of it was completely lost on the Bushies who seemed too full of hate to think rationally.

The march ended up at the mall where Camp Casey had been set up at the entrance. We met Ira there who had travelled down also.

Later we stood on the mall where people were coming and going, holding our signs and took turns holding the popular Frodo sign and posing for pictures. We stayed until about 7 pm and left hungry, tired but also inspired.



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