Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Those lying AP bastards

Sorry for no new posting until now but I was catching up on life in general.

After more futile email exchanges with members of the illusioned radical right I realize that although I am enjoying replying to them, I think it only entrenches them in their positions. Email is the worst way to debate anyway. My points are backed up like a college research paper using AP reports and "Sciencemag" journal entries etc. only to be derided as lies in the response because after all, AP reporters are lying bastards and scientists are all liberals anyway so they can't be trusted either.

Actually I almost feel sorry for these people because they can not trust just about every source that could be used to backup a doctoral thesis. But then again that would be in the academic world which I'm sure is also not to be trusted because those people are all un-American liberal eggheads with an atitude. So they turn to a narrower set of people that say what they want to hear and close-off everyone else, then accuse the rest of the world of being close-minded and brainwashed.

I do believe that this is a self-defeating phenomenon where these people are eventually outnumbered by the more reasonable people in the world (actually weren't they always?). I began to see the end of the right-wing's grip on power this summer and the turning point I think was Cindy Sheehan's protest. Katrina just pushed it over the top. However, as the powerful begin to lose their grip on power they will become more desperate so watch out for more smears and mis-information in the next few months.

For those who didn't see it (like me), here's where you can see the replay of Donnahue vs O'Lielly: I'm sure Bill is proud of his performance but I think Phil clearly bested him.

This site also has a number of other videos to watch in Quicktime, including Maher's "new rules" segments which offer a humerous look at the twisted "values" or the radical right. I can usually see nothing humorous about these people but Maher and John Stewart find it somehow.

Final note: Georia schoolchildren will generously give up two days of education in order to provide 250,000 gallons of fuel to NASCAR racing fans, Escalade and Hummer owners.



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